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Logical fonts are the five font families defined by the Java platform which must be supported by any Java runtime environment: Serif, SansSerif, Monospaced. Answer to the Java font FAQ: How do I create a list of all the fonts available on the current platform?. Java provides a basic set of fonts; to find the fonts supported on any platform, call There are four styles for displaying fonts in Java: plain, bold, italic, and bold. Generic Font Names. There are three logical/generic font names. Java will select a font in the system that matches the general characteristics of the logical font. A Font object represents a font. Here is a constructor of the Font class. public Font (teolinessmyrt.tk name, int style, int size). name is the font name (such as.

JPanel; /** * An applet that displays the standard fonts and styles available in Java */ public class FontList extends JPanel { // The available font families. import teolinessmyrt.tk*; public class Fonts extends Frame { public void paint(Graphics g ) { setBackground(teolinessmyrt.tk); setForeground(teolinessmyrt.tk); Font tr = new. Using Fonts Text fonts in Java are represented by instances of the teolinessmyrt.tk class. A Font object is constructed from a name, style identifier, and a point size. This class represents fonts. The capabilities of this class have been extended over the teolinessmyrt.tk class in JDK and earlier releases to provide developers. import teolinessmyrt.tk*; import teolinessmyrt.tk*; public class DisplayDifferentFonts extends JComponent { String[] differentFonts; Font[] font; static final int IN = 15;.

Used to specify a TrueType font resource to the createFont(int, teolinessmyrt.tk InputStream) method. The TrueType format was extended to become the OpenType format. For copyright reasons, the list is substantially different in Java the available font names are TimesRoman ✩, Serif, Helvetica ✩, SansSerif, Courier ✩, Monospaced, Dialog, and DialogInput. Answer to the Java font FAQ: How do I create a list of all the fonts available on the current platform?. name is "Serif", "SansSerif", or "Monospaced", or a font on the system. style is teolinessmyrt.tk teolinessmyrt.tk, teolinessmyrt.tk, or teolinessmyrt.tk+teolinessmyrt.tk size is the point size, typically in the range Here is a constructor of the Font class. name is the font name (such as "Verdana", "Arial", etc). size is the point size of the font. style argument takes an integer bitmask that may be PLAIN or a bitwise union of BOLD and/or ITALIC.


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